About School

Over century and decade of education legacy was bequeathed to the holy city of Varanasi when Gynadeep English School Varanasi announced the starting of its session in 199. The torch of learning has been passed from generation and we have grown to such a dimension  qualitative  and numerically. That the named of Gyandeep mesmerizes the academicians. The basic mission of establishing the Gyandeep in Varanasi was  to carry forward the glorious tradition of purposeful schooling.


Gyandeep is an independent co-educational senior secondary school affiliated to C.B.S.E. The school is located in calm, pleasant environment. It is a symbol of literacy, cultural activities. The school has a big playground, spacious classroom, science labs, music room, computer room, library, mini auditorium. At school we make simple rules for the child to develop their inner personality and to build up their confidence. Simple and clear cut rules helps a child to learn what is wrong and right.