Assistant Director

Dear Parents/Guardian

The invisible inner strength illuminating all aspects of our life does not lie in attaining education only practicing humility as well.There is lot of latent potential in every child. Each child has a separate entity. We at Gyandeep English School, create innovative and progressive intellect, so as to do SWOT analysis of every student and ensure that it all works in his/her     favour.

We do not accept the dogma that genius is born: instead we develop myriad of co-curricular activities along with well defined curriculum. The integrated programme of these activities assists our students to master various skills. Our child centered approach is solely based on learning beyond the classroom.

In the contemporary world in which our young children are competing and shinning not only on the national but also on international forums, educational needs go far beyond the acquisition of academic competencies. In incrementally competitive work places around the world, we at Gyandeep English School believe that development of life skills is of utmost importance, even more than learning skills. We ensure that our children are equipped with the power of discretion between right and wrong, with the ability to demarcate knowledge attained and wisdom gained, through education. Our mission is to lead the child to a self discovery process through exposure and opportunity.

Mrs Disha Singh

Assistant Director
Gyandeep English School