Managing Director

Dear Parents/Guardian
Education should be looked upon a holistic learning experience, with the underlying persective that interdependence is fast growing, and a student has to make new connections, engaging his inner self in active learning and connected with the world around. We recognize that skills are required to invoke and build the capcity to learn and create. We strive to provide the best of opportunities in academics, sports and activits.

We strengthen it with life skills to give each student a chance to weave his own success story. We see academic excellance as an outcome of what we do everyday at school. We re also eager to bequeath our rich cultural heritage and a promising future to the childrean without the risk of their losing their moral moorings.

At Gyandeep English School Varanasi, We allow a questioning mind, accept a fumbling step, discover and develop core competencies , pack the curriculum with team work , immaculate planning, sheer will power and motivation and applaud the effort it takes to advance towards ones? potential. If that is done, then we believe we have begun to tread the path of success.

Dr. Nilam Singh

Managing Director
Gyandeep English School